Keep Your Friends Close and Your Farmers Closer: Two Local Farms Join Forces to Expand in May

Amid economic uncertainty and small business obstacles during a global pandemic, it’s nice to hear about businesses working together to help each other succeed rather than compete until one can no longer run.

Two locally owned farms are doing just that. Hailing from Shortsville and Farmington, New York, Orchard Hill Farm and Silver Linings Farm both specialize in selling produce, eggs, poultry, and pork.
“They’ve been running a similar farm operation to what we have going on, and they were raising pigs too. We decided to join forces rather than compete against each other.” Explains Nathan Boor of Orchard Hill Farm.

Joining forces looks to be working in both farms’ favor, as they are now planning to expand.
In September, Orchard Hill and Silver Linings bought the former Fresh-Ayr Farm Market – a successful and beloved garden center. After 32 years of success, Fresh-Ayr Farm Market owner Kris Gray was looking to retire and was very pleased to sell her business to someone that would want to do something similar with the property.

According to Conor Trippe of Silver Linings Farm, both he and Boor knew about the property being for sale before they even decided to collaborate. “Back in January I was trying to get a butcher date for our pigs, but I couldn’t find any. I called Nate and asked out of curiosity if he found any, but no luck. Shortly after that phone call, I asked if he’d want to build a butcher shop together in passing, and the idea just stuck.”

A new chapter calls for a new name, and the two farms decided to name their new venture Serendipity Acres Greenhouse and Meat Market.
They will continue to sell plants and flowers, but rather than a seasonal operation there are plans to keep the market open year-round. The biggest addition will be a meat market placed in the current storefront. Their butchering will be done on site, as Boor and Conor Trippe (of Silver Linings Farm) have been working diligently to renovate and equip one of the property’s existing buildings with everything to keep the entire butchering process locally sourced. While pork is both farms’ specialty, they also plan to sell pasture-raised chicken, beef, and lamb.

Serendipity Acres’ soft opening is on April 1st, 2022 with a grand opening to follow a month afterwards on May 1st.

Though the grand opening isn’t until next spring, Serendipity Acres is happy to offer some of their services. If you have any meat that needs to be processed (deer season, anyone?) or some meat that you’d like turned into sausage or jerky, you can visit the blue building in the back of the market.

As someone that enjoys supporting local business and is conscious about the quality and care of their food, I am very excited about this farming collaboration. I’m looking forward to seeing this family owned and operated business grow while making new memories at a place that was so frequently peppered throughout my childhood.

In the meantime, follow Serendipity Acres Greenhouse and Meat Market’s Facebook page to get the latest news and updates on their products and expansion. See you in May 2022!